Wendy Witt
Attorney; Founder of a Million Families.org

Wendy Witthttps://amillionfamilies.org

With a mission to protect a million families with law, legacy, loot – and love, Wendy Witt, JD is the founder of a Million Families.org, a social enterprise focused on families like yours.

Why found a Million Families.org?  Because as an estate planning lawyer, Wendy could protect, say, a thousand families. As a legal marketing consultant, she can help protect hundreds of thousands of families. Through a Million Families.org and outreach to good folks like you, Wendy will help protect a million families and we want yours to be one of them.

In 1999, while Wendy was pregnant with her third child, she researched estate planning so that she could protect her own family (from an “undesirable” relative…do you have any of those?).  Anyway, Wendy had to protect her babies – and – once she knew how to do that, she also knew she had to help you protect your family as well.  So, she joined the estate planning law firm (where she did her own planning) and practiced estate planning and elder law for 15+ years, protecting families like yours.

As a leader in the estate planning community, Wendy has mentored over 8,000 estate planning and elder law attorneys, empowering them to protect more families.

Yes, Wendy admit she’s a lawyer, but don’t let that stop you from liking her. She and her lawyer friends and are the good guys – all day, they focus on helping folks like you protect your families. That’s why we do what we do.