Rima Bonario – Author, Workshop Leader, Soul Coach and Wild Heart Healer

Rima Bonario – www.rimabonario.com

Rima is an author, workshop leader, soul coach and wild heart healer. Her doctorate is in Transformational Psychology (Th.D.) and she has been working in personal development for close to 20 years. In the last five years, she’s been concentrating on working with women in mid-life – primarily because she’s a woman in mid-life! As she ventured into this new life stage, she experienced challenges she didn’t see coming.

“I’d always been a vibrant, energetic and sensual person, but I found myself feeling so exhausted from building my business, caring for my daughter, my home, and trying to take care of myself – that being intimate with my beloved husband became just one more thing on my to-do list. I was so focussed on being a good mother and businesswoman, I was neglecting this other, very important, part of myself – which is one reason why I started on this journey to understand how to live more richly, more vibrantly, and more sensually as a woman in mid-life.”

Rima helps put women back in touch with their passion – passion for life, passion for partners, passion for themselves.