Richard and Trish Hughes Kreis – Caring for a Brother, a Spouse and a Mom – The Trifecta

Richard KreisCaring for Family Members and Himself, He is Known as Trifecta Richard on Social Media Sites.

Richard’s caregiving journey began with himself back in 1993 when a DUI driver hit him causing a spiral tear in his low back nerves and muscles.  This created a lifetime of chronic pain for him which has affected not only himself but those around him, his employment and much more.

Richard and his wife, Trish, now care for her brother, Robert (54) who was born with epilepsy.  Over the 24 years Richard has known Robert he has seen him go from living alone, going to church, taking the bus for tasks to needing constant care and support.  Robert has lived in the house with Richard and Trish for almost seven years.

They also now care his mother, Carol (77) who deals with strokes, mobility issues, various heart related issues (COPD, CHF) for going on 15 years and has needed multiple surgeries to try and correct them.  Her condition has required her to stop driving and living alone.  She has shared the home for about the past 3-4 years on and off and recently moved in full-time.

With all the research and people Richard has spoken with over the years, websites he’s researched all to learn about his condition as well as the conditions of his mother and brother-in-law, Richard wants to pay forward all the help he’s received from so many.  Richard gives back by helping others learn about caregiving (ex. home, information, financial, medications), where to get help if needed, what to ask at appointments and more through his site iCare Consulting,, and the many social media groups he’s involved with.

He also hosts a monthly caregiving and pain support group, and has come together with four other caregivers to author the 365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips for Everyday Caregivers book series.  Between the authors they have over 50 years of caregiving in a variety of different caregiving situations.  The hope is to help make caregiving for the estimated 43.5 million caregivers a little easier.

Richard is here to share his almost three decades of caregiving experience and some of the tips that make caregiving easier for the caregiver and loved one.

Trish Hughes Kreis works as a full-time Legal Administrator and is a freelance writer and videographer who advocates on behalf of her disabled youngest brother, Robert.  Robert lives with intractable epilepsy, has an unwavering faith and a delightful way of declaring everything excellent. Robert has lived with Trish and her husband, Richard, for several years and they do their best to keep him happy, healthy and, of course, excellent. Trish also helps care for her husband, Richard, who suffers from chronic pain and venous stasis insufficiency resulting in severe leg wounds. Because Trish is a firm believer in “the more the merrier,” she also helps care for her mother-in-law, Carol, who recently moved in with Richard and Trish.

Trish is the author of Forever a Caregiver, and co-author of the 365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers book series. Trish can be reached through her website, Facebook (, Twitter (@365CareTips) and Instagram (@365CaregivingTips).