Mike Seibert
Senior Partner at 1847Financial; Wealth Building Cornerstones National Trainer

Mike Seiberthttp://www.1847financial.com/team/michael-seibert

Michael is Senior Partner at 1847Financial and a Wealth Building Cornerstones National Trainer. He has been in the Financial Services industry since 1989. 1847Financial has a unique approach to helping clients build and manage wealth. Having seen how banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms market their materials to the public through their employees, 1847Financial takes an agnostic view to financial planning. Instead of pitting the industries against one another they bring them together as a team to help them work better for you.

Since July of 1998 Mike has been using a macro-economic approach that can help achieve the following:

*Provide better insurance coverage at lower cost
*Increase your rate of return with lower risk
*Help you get into a tax-exempt environment
*Increase your retirement income with guarantees

Mike helps you discover the contradictions that are in your financial life because of the lack of communication between your advisors and helps you achieve a better overall financial life. He’ll share that knowledge with attendees.