Lorrie Klemons – Co-Founder Patient Action and President First Hand Success, co-author of READY…SET…ADVOCATE!

Lorrie Klemons – www.patientaction.com

Lorrie is the Co-Founder of Patient Action and the President of First Hand Success, a company that promotes patient-senior empowerment and advocacy. She is the co-author of READY…SET…ADVOCATE! Your Step by Step Guide to Patient Empowerment available at amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. She is a professional speaker who is passionate about empowering all healthcare consumers with the ability to be their own patient advocate or an advocate for someone they care about. Lorrie is also the facilitator of a private self-help Facebook Group, I AM MY PARENT’S CAREGIVER and invites you to join it.

Lorrie was exposed to nursing at the age of four when her thirty-two year old mother became a victim of the polio epidemic in the early fifties.  Although too young to remember many details, she does remember the ladies in white who made her mother feel so good and gave her reason to smile. At the age of fifteen, she spent the summer as a candy striper volunteer at a local hospital and that experience solidified her destiny to become a nurse.

Lorrie spent the first thirty-nine years of her nursing and nursing education career obsessed with making sure that patients received the nursing care they deserved.  In 2010, she embarked on a new journey to help patients, particularly senior healthcare consumers, find their voices to become empowered in the healthcare setting. In 2011, she became the Wellness Nurse at the Levine Jewish Community Center in Charlotte, NC, working with the adult and senior populations. This is where her passion for senior advocacy became part of her life’s mission. Lorrie created a booklet entitled ALL ABOUT ME which is a legacy gift a parent can create for his for her future caregivers and children.

In March, 2016, all of her professional experience, patient advocacy and best mothering strategies were called into action when her son was diagnosed with two concurrent life threatening conditions. While she’s happy to report that her son’s story has a very happy ending, this experience has impassioned her even more in the work she does, assuring that every patient’s voice is heard.  “Woe is the patient that doesn’t have an advocate!”

Over the course of her 46 year career, Lorrie has been witness to the individual’s loss of identity, dignity and control upon entering the healthcare setting.  But that doesn’t need to be a patient’s reality anymore. No longer will patients be uninformed non-participants in their own care. No longer will patients accept the status quo. No longer will they agree to things they don’t understand. No longer will they allow strangers to make the decisions that may alter their lives forever.  Lorrie’s passion is to help healthcare consumers find their voice…and use it to partner with the healthcare team in a positive way to get the best outcomes possible for the patient.