Lawrence Bocchiere III – Chairman of the Well Spouse Association

Lawrence Bocchiere III – 

Lawrence returned from the Army to marry his High School sweetheart Deborah.  Rather than completing a four-year degree he left Bridgeport University for a career in the US Postal Service where he became Local union president, state union president and eventually a National Executive Board member of the APWU AFL-CIO – representing over 70,000 members.  Larry eventually returned to the bargaining unit and retired after serving as Postmaster in three offices.  He also served as a 4-H Leader for fourteen years bringing animal husbandry to inner-city youth working with the Beardsley Zoo.  Larry currently serves as his town’s Treasurer on the Housing Authority Board.

Together they raised two children and had four grand-children.  They travelled the country extensively by car, visiting 46 states, even well into her illness when they would travel with requisite medical equipment/O2, etc.

Deborah suffered from COPD for seventeen years.  She was born with a rare lung condition, losing both parents and two brothers to lung-related disease.  Larry suffered her absence in and out of nursing homes, acute-rehab and hospitals for four months in 2001.  He returned from Thanksgiving dinner eaten at an acute rehab facility and found himself depressed, alone, afraid and in the poor psyche.  He found Well Spouse ® searching his computer for support. Lucky enough to find a local support group Larry joined, found instant rapport and understanding making lifelong friends.  The next year he became WSAs’ Legislative Liaison.  Shortly thereafter he began two terms as President, then two as President Emeritus and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

Deborah required more care and had less capability so in 2006 he retired to be her primary care giver. This continued until 2013 when Deb passed.  The support from his Well Spouse family again stepped up and saved him.

He has since remarried and continues his commitment to the organization-and the friends/members that saved his life when he was adrift.  “Well Spouse is where everyone understands because they’re on the same path.  I never could have survived alone-the children, the friends, the family all offer comfort but only a peer can relate to our trials.”