Kathy Shoaf
Group Travel Expert; Clinical/Management in Geriatric, Rehabilitation, Home Health and Senior Housing

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Kathy Shoaf, RN, BSN, ATP, is a Travel Professional with 20+ years of clinical and management experience in Geriatric, Rehabilitation, Home Health and Senior Housing as a Regional Manager and DON. She realized after years of counseling with the families of our aging seniors that the QUEST to enjoy life “Should Never Have to Stop”. Her ability to overcome Fear and Anxiety about travel… Makes “Bucket-List Dreams come true.

Kathy is uniquely qualified to understand travel challenges and create rational solutions. Her passion is to deliver Multi- Generational Travel and Bucket-List Adventures, even when accessibility challenges and clinical issues exist. “All seniors and those afflicted with limiting diagnosis still deserve to ENJOY EVERY DAY THAT GOD GIVES US!”

Kathy is an experienced Group Travel Expert who has worked with Health Corporations, Professional and Social Travel Clubs and EDU/ Retreat concepts.  A wide range of exclusive Cruise, Land Tour and Topical Social Itineraries fill her Resume.
She has functional experience in Luxury Travel, Faith Based Adventures, Accessibility Challenges, Dementia Travel, Educational /CEU Events and Topical Group Tours. She is co-hosting the Caregiver Smile Cruise with Summit host Anthony Cirillo.