Julie Bigham
Founder, Joy Filled Visits, LLC; Life Enrichment Associate for Brookdale Carriage Club

Julie Bigham – www.joyfilledvisits.com

Julie’s passion for bringing joy to the lives of senior adults began at an early age when her Gramps encouraged her to entertain his friends at the Senior Center. Fifteen minutes of stand-up, egged on by hoots and applause from the crowd, ignited a spark of love in her heart for the older generation. Thirty plus years later, having worked as an activity professional in long term care, independent and assisted living, memory care and as training and education coordinator for an in-home care company, that spark has erupted into a full flame of passion for providing motivation and support to professional and family caregivers. While devoted to her career working with senior adults, Julie finally reached her education goal at the age of 49, completing her BA in Missions with an emphasis on Urban Ministry.

While an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be overwhelming, Julie, owner of Joy Filled Visits, LLC has designed the Joy Filled Visits Kit to help families maximize their time with a loved one living with Alzheimer’s whether they are living at home or in a facility. Each step builds on the next to assist in the creation of a simple plan that will keep the whole family engaged and assure that visits are filled with positive interaction and great fun. Julie also provides support and training for family and professional caregivers both at home and abroad, providing Alzheimer’s training on the mission field to caregivers in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa in 2014, 2016 and upcoming in 2018.