John and Bernadette Baumann – Transformation Through Caregiving

John Baumann had experience as a caregiver before he himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. John’s daughter, Katie, overcame life-threatening birth defects which resulted in cerebral palsy and learning differences. As father and caregiver, John moved Katie to a school in the 5th grade that better suited her learning needs. A year later, John himself got the news about Parkinson’s. He was able to work full-time as an attorney for seven more years. After transforming himself into an inspirational speaker, joining the faculty of the University of Louisville, and writing a book (Decide Success), in 2012, John, with the assistance of his wife and caregiver, Bernadette, got serious about addressing his illness. This focused upon nutrition and exercise, both of which Bernadette has studied extensively.  Simply put, within a year, John got healthy. He lost, and has kept off, 45 pounds and significantly strengthened his core through kettlebell fitness, boxing, hot yoga, and interval training on a stationary bike. In the meantime, Katie has not only graduated from college, but is in graduate school at the University of Alabama. John has been the inspirational keynote speaker at over 100 conferences across the United States and Canada as well as internationally.