Janet Fouts – Mindfulness Coach; author When Life Hits the Fan, a Mindful Guide to Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others

Janet Fouts – http://janetfouts.com

Janet Fouts is a mindfulness coach; working with people to improve self-awareness and be happier in their lives at home and at work. Her journey as a caregiver inspired the transition from a well-respected social media marketer and CEO to mindfulness coaching after discovering the value of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in rescuing her from depression and anxiety. She shares her learnings in her book “When Life Hits the Fan, A Mindful Guide to Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others” now available on Amazon.

A wife, step-mom, and caregiver as well as a public speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, coach, and corporate trainer, she has worn many hats throughout her lifetime, including dog-catcher, horse trainer, and chef. In 1996 she founded a dot-com startup and transformed it into the digital marketing agency, Tatu Digital Media. As a marketer, Janet is well respected in the field, including recognition as one of the Top 50 Marketing Influencers over 50 by Brand Quarterly Magazine, the Top 150 Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs by Rise Global, and Top 100 Giving Influencers on Twitter by Give Local America.

She coaches individuals and organizations on a finding their own strengths through self-awareness and mindfulness. When she’s not working, Janet can be found spending time with family and friends, cooking (or eating!), or riding her horse in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains.

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