Dr. Eboni I Green – co-founder of Caregiver Support Services; Author, Caregiving in the New Millennium; Teacher

Dr. Eboni I. Green – http://www.caregiversupportservices.com

Dr. Green is a Registered Nurse and family caregiver. Dr. Green holds bachelors and master’s degrees in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue University. She completed her PhD at Capella University where her primary focus was also Healthcare Administration, with an emphasis on family and frontline caregiving. Dr. Green teaches graduate courses in the health care administration program at several universities. She is also the co-founder of Caregiver Support Services, a non-profit organization that trains and supports family and frontline caregivers.

She has extensive experience focused on caregivers’ health and wellness, with an emphasis on caregiver stress, burnout, and related family conflicts. Over the years, Dr. Green has contributed to a number of publications and given presentations that focus on training, assessing, and supporting caregivers throughout the caregiving journey. She hopes that communities can benefit from her firsthand knowledge about the importance of self-care while caring for someone you love. She is also a published author and has written three books focusing on family caregiving: At the Heart of the Matter; Caregiving in the New Millennium and Reflections from the Soul.