Dr. Daniel Nightingale
CEO Dementia Therapy Specialists (US) and Dementia Doctor (UK); Actor; Stand-up Comedian; Trained by Dr Patch Adams

Dr. Daniel Nightingalehttp://dementiatherapyspecialists.com

Dr Daniel Nightingale is a world leading clinical dementia specialist practicing in both the UK and US. He is the CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists LLC in the US and Dementia Doctor in the UK; a Hypno-Psychotherapist, author and regular writer for Expert Care Manager.

Dr Dan can also be seen as an actor (Daniel Nightingale – (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8837122/) and stand-up comedian (Brit Comedy Doc). He was trained by Dr Patch Adams in the use of humour and clowning in medicine. He is world renowned for his pioneering empirical, published research in the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment option to alleviate many of the BPSD associated with neurocognitive disorders (dementia).

His upcoming book, commissioned by Jessica Kingsley Publishers is entitled A Clinician’s Guide to Non Pharmacological Dementia Therapies.