Connie Chow
Founder of, Supporting Families Caring for Older Adults

Connie Chow –

Caring for seniors doesn’t have to be so hard. Connie Chow is an experienced caregiver and a founder of, a website and email newsletter with free, practical senior care tips that solve everyday challenges. Her mission is to make it easier for families to care for older adults through trustworthy tips, advice, and resources. Sign up to get the latest senior care tips at

Connie’s caregiving insights have been published in HuffPost, Sixty and Me, BlogHer,, and more. Along with a 15+ year technology career, she was a hands-on caregiver to her grandmother for 20 years. She knows firsthand how tough the job is and how important support and information are. Prior to starting DailyCaring, Connie was a Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank, managing development of online banking services. She has an MBA from USC and an Economics degree from UC Berkeley.