Cheryl Scharoun
President, CEO at Scharoun, Inc.; Founder of Babyboom Health

Cheryl A Scharoun –

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse and graduate of Crouse-Irving Memorial School of nursing with over 30 years of diverse experience in the healthcare arena. Cheryl holds her BSN, is a certified Alzheimer trainer, Legal Nurse Consultant, and Healthcare Compliance Officer. Cheryl has experience in the healthcare insurance industry, disease management, physician office management, short term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.

In 1996, Cheryl started a successful preventive health care and weight loss company. This company expanded into disease management and educational programs. Cheryl prepared her clients for physician appointments, attended medical appointments with her clients when necessary, made recommendations, explored options, ensured understanding of their condition and communicated with their families. She also functioned as a Healthcare surrogate.  Cheryl’s goal was always to provide the best treatment and healthcare while maintaining the highest quality of life.

In all of Cheryl’s roles she found herself advocating for the patient.  Cheryl monitored and advocated patient care at bedside, telephonically and internet.  Cheryl found her passion early in her career as a student nurse.  She adopted the philosophy never give up on anyone regardless of their age.  Quality of life, maintaining dignity and adherence to patients’ wishes guided Cheryl in her advocacy role.

In 2013, Cheryl took a Family Medical Leave to care for her parents that were at the end stage of life.  Her father was a retired physician and her mother a retired nurse. Cheryl’s acquired knowledge from her medical career assisted her to navigate through the healthcare maze.  She listened to what her parents desired and advocated for them until the end.  Cheryl was able to keep them in their own home and arranged the community resources to keep them safe and comfortable while maintaining a quality of life.  Cheryl experienced firsthand the challenges a caregiver faced and this life experience lead her to open her own her national company.  Cheryl’s goal is to provide that helping hand to the patient or the caregiver and advocate for them until the end.