Bob Mastrogiovanni – President of the Well Spouse Association

Bob Mastrogiovanni –

Bob graduated from La Salle University with an MBA and has been a group leader, board member, Treasurer, and now serves as President of the Well Spouse Assoc.  Bob served in the US Army as an officer and then returned to graduate school in the 1970’s. He had a successful career as an accountant and as an Internal Revenue Agent until his early retirement to care for his wife in 2004.  He met and married his high school sweetheart and they were married for 50 years until her passing in June 2018.  Pictured below is Bob holding a portrait of his lovely wife. Shortly after their marriage, Kathy was diagnosed with MS.  Bob and Kathy pledged to keep things as normal as possible for as long as possible.  And they succeeded.  She was relapsing and remitting until about 1991 when her MS became progressive.  They traveled throughout the United States and visited many islands and Mexico.  They were frequently at concerts and the theater.  Avid sports fans they watched football, baseball, hockey and basketball attending many games in person.  They enjoyed family and friends and never let anything get in their way even when Kathy used a wheelchair to get around.  Kathy was cared for at home with the help of very good home health aids and good health insurance and lots of love from her husband.  Bob attributes a lot of their caregiving success to what he learned at the Well Spouse Assoc.