Catherine Falk
Founder, Catherine Falk Foundation; Writer of the Peter Falk Act (“Columbo”)

Catherine Falk –

Catherine Falk is a graduate of Syracuse University and has a Masters Degree in Family Counseling from Washington State.  Her previous employment included Investigations, therapy and in law enforcement as a Deputy Probation Officer.  In 2009, during her legal battle to see her ailing father, Peter Falk, best known for his role as Lt. Columbo, she proposed a ‘Right of Association’ bill for the state of California enabling visitation rights among family members when an ailing, incapacitated loved one is being wrongly isolated by a guardian or power of attorney.  Catherine has become an advocate for the elderly and disabled population.  She has joined forces with the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse in an effort to pass legislation in every state across America. Catherine and NASGA have drafted criminal, probate and civil legislation pertaining to wards’ rights.  The Uniform Law Commission that inserts vital language into the Uniform Guardianship Act accepted Catherine Falk’s proposal for visitation rights. Catherine travels the country to testify on behalf of her legislation commonly referred to as the Peter Falk Act in many states.