Wendy Adlerstein, LSW – Director of Client Care Services FirstLight Home Care; Certified Dementia Practitioner

Wendy Adlerstein, LSW –  Wendy is the Director of Client Care Services for FirstLight Home Care of West Suburban Boston.  She has more than 20 years of experience in working with seniors. Wendy holds a B.A. from Clark University, in Psychology with a concentration in Sociology and Human Services. In addition to her Massachusetts License in Social Work, she holds a Certificate in Gerontology from the Worcester Consortium Gerontology Program. She is a member of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), formerly the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.  Finally, Wendy is a Certified Dementia Practitioner® in good standing from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Lucy Andrews DNP, RN, MS – Founder and CEO of At Your Service Nursing & Home Care & much more!

Lucy Andrews DNP, RN, MS – Founder and CEO of At Your Service Nursing & Home Care – In 1988, after working as a clinical nurse in the University Health System at UC San Francisco, Lucy Andrews started understanding the benefits of home care services and how it can help people recover and stay at home as long as possible. She became a discharge planner and immediately fell in love with the concept of home care and the autonomous clinical practice it affords nurses. “Lucy was hooked and has been a strong supporter of home care ever since.” Believing people need advocates in healthcare systems, she has championed that cause. Lucy has worked in every aspect of home care from Medicare Certified, DME, Infusion, Hospice and finally Private Duty/Private Pay services. She also works as a home care consultant across the country and as an expert legal witness for the home care industry. Having worked in all areas of home care, Lucy has a well-rounded perspective of what we are facing as an industry, and as a provider she advocates for patients through the maze of health care services. Lucy celebrates over 33 years as a nurse and patient advocate. Lucy has a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois.  In 1994, she received her Masters of Science in Health Service Administration from St. Mary’s University, Moraga, California. Lucy received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2016, graduating with Honors and a 4.0 GPA. She did her doctoral work […]

Gerald Bishop, Board Member, Well Spouse Association

Gerald Bishop – Jerry Bishop has had a 35 + year career in the communications field and is currently working full time at Verizon.  Jerry  and Cindy were married in 1987.  After a daughter in 1988 they were awaiting the arrival of their son in 1992 when she started having issues.  What started as a normal day ended up with a diagnosis on MS.  Cindy’s MS progressed from relapsing-remitting to a more progressive form.  Cindy is still at home and Jerry is her primary caregiver along with their now adult children.  Jerry has been a support group leader since 2004 and a board member since 2005.  He was the board chair from 2008 to 2017.

Dr. Jill Bjerke – CEO and Founder of Home Transition Solutions Group, Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Dr. Jill Bjerke – Dr. Bjerke is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in aging/thriving at home, a senior safety expert, author and consultant and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).  She is CEO and Founder of Home Transition Solutions Group, which encompasses Cut the Clutter Co., LLC (downsizing, housing transition, clutter elimination and creating safe homes), Silver Spaces (aging in place and home safety inspections and assessments) and the mobile app she created for doing the inspections called SilverSpaces ( The app is now being used in 12 countries around the world and is the only one of its kind that addresses senior home safety and aging in place decision-making. She currently has a podcast call “Right Now” on the and is on the editorial board of the Certified Senior Advisor’s Journal. She also volunteers for animal welfare and hospice and sits on many corporate boards.

Michelle Cameron Bozeman, RN, BSN, HNB-BC RM – Executive Director of HeartWaves Institute

Michelle Cameron Bozeman, RN, BSN, HNB-BC RM  –  Michelle Cameron Bozeman is the Executive Director of HeartWaves Institute.  Michelle takes her visionary perspective and blends it into understandable and practical applications.  Michelle is known, locally, nationally and internationally for her work and perspective on health and wellness. Her wonderful career has included her role as co-founder and assistant Director of Healing Solutions in the Office of Patient Experience at Cleveland Clinic.  Here she was responsible for creating and implementing programs that focused on the delivery of integrative healing services to patients, families and employees at point of service within the hospital setting. As a practicing holistic nurse, Michelle’s passion and enthusiasm for wellness has been evident throughout her career. She has successfully created and developed numerous cutting-edge, outcome-driven, integrative health and wellness initiatives. As a Program Manager and Health Coordinator at Cleveland Clinic, she created nationally recognized nursing wellness and national health promotion programming. She also owns her own company, HeartWaves Institute,which has, among many other services, provided regional education and support programming for family caregivers. She has served as an educator and technical consultant for Lakeland Community College and Director of Home Care Services for Lake County Health District, both in Ohio. Michelle was a staff nurse at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Department of the Army in Ft. Riley, Kansas, where she received an outstanding civilian service award; and Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, Ohio. Michelle focused on the model of Be, Love, Do and how we are when we are […]

Lawrence Bocchiere III – Chairman of the Well Spouse Association

Lawrence Bocchiere III –  Lawrence returned from the Army to marry his High School sweetheart Deborah.  Rather than completing a four-year degree he left Bridgeport University for a career in the US Postal Service where he became Local union president, state union president and eventually a National Executive Board member of the APWU AFL-CIO – representing over 70,000 members.  Larry eventually returned to the bargaining unit and retired after serving as Postmaster in three offices.  He also served as a 4-H Leader for fourteen years bringing animal husbandry to inner-city youth working with the Beardsley Zoo.  Larry currently serves as his town’s Treasurer on the Housing Authority Board. Together they raised two children and had four grand-children.  They travelled the country extensively by car, visiting 46 states, even well into her illness when they would travel with requisite medical equipment/O2, etc. Deborah suffered from COPD for seventeen years.  She was born with a rare lung condition, losing both parents and two brothers to lung-related disease.  Larry suffered her absence in and out of nursing homes, acute-rehab and hospitals for four months in 2001.  He returned from Thanksgiving dinner eaten at an acute rehab facility and found himself depressed, alone, afraid and in the poor psyche.  He found Well Spouse ® searching his computer for support. Lucky enough to find a local support group Larry joined, found instant rapport and understanding making lifelong friends.  The next year he became WSAs’ Legislative Liaison.  Shortly thereafter he began two terms as President, then two […]

Dorothy Breininger – Dorothy the Organizer – Problem Solver on Hoarders; Featured on Today Show, Dr. Phil, Hallmark Channel and more…

Dorothy the Organizer –  “Dorothy The Organizer” is America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Known to millions as the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on the Emmy-nominated TV show on A&E, “Hoarders.” Dorothy is also the best-selling author of five books, including her latest, Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff. In addition to being featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and O Magazines, Dorothy appears regularly on the Today Show, the Dr. Phil Show, the VIEW, The Doctors, QVC and PBS. Dorothy lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Owner of three companies, Dorothy is the creator of the “Cancer Concierge” on-line video system which helps individuals conquer their clutter in a pleasing and fun way, as well as the most trusted cloud based system, “Digital Lifecloud,” and her own “DorothyTheOrganizer” Professional Organizing Services. Dorothy is a member and lecturer for the National Association of Professional Organizers (past national board member and past Los Angeles President) and Institute for Challenging Disorganization and is a highly sought-after international speaker who energizes and inspires her audiences to produce results and take immediate action. Dorothy is also a spokesperson, contributor and influencer for, Huffington Post,,,, and Microsoft.

Angelia Brigance – Author, Speaker, Owner Angelia

Angelia Brigance – Angelia had the privilege of growing up with her grandparents. As a result, she was able to truly understand the gift that the elderly are to us and the importance of treating them with dignity, respect, and love. This understanding grew into a passion for helping the senior community thrive, with a focus on helping people understand  and communicate with those who have dementia. She uses her heart for Seniors to fuel herself to continue to be a leader in the senior community. For the last 26 years, Angelia’s career has been focused on navigating the many challenges that seniors face.  In addition to her years of on-the-job experience, she has an Associates Degree in Developmental Disabilities, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Counseling. She has also successfully completed studies in Geriatrics, Validation, and Neurolinguistic Programming. Angelia’s experience and education allow her to successfully coach and train professionals, families, and businesses in the senior world. Angelia is a member of the Washington Athletic Club Speakers Bureau and is published in their magazine. She has also been published in other local magazines on issues affecting seniors and was interviewed on New Day Northwest. She has taught communications, conflict resolution, and leadership skills for a variety of companies, including Starbucks. Most recently she was a guest teacher at Northwest University. In the last few years, Angelia has survived a ruptured brain aneurysm and Stage 3 Lung Cancer, which has motivated her now more than […]

Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown – Aging & Sexuality Expert; Gerontologist; Assistant Professor Albany State University

Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown –  Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown is a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist, a Fellow in the Academy of Gerontology in Higher Education. She is a Faculty Fellow and an Assistant Professor in Georgia at Albany State University. Dr. Brown is a frequent contributor/reviewer for academic journals and magazines on aging and sexuality issues. She is a graduate of Auburn University, the University of South Alabama, Miami University of Ohio, and holds a certificate in Sexuality Education from the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She has been a guest lecturer on sexuality education and aging at Baylor University Medical School and has taught “Aging & Sexuality” at Eastern Michigan University since 2012.  In 2012, Dr. Brown published a chapter in  J. Lange’s (Ed.) The Nurse’s Role in Promoting Optimal Health of Older Adults: Thriving in the Wisdom Years, with collegue Dr. Leeanne Clark Shirley, titled “Intimacy, Sexuality, & Aging.” The text was noted in the American Journal of Nursing 2012 Book of the Year Awards. She is a long time Education Ambassador for SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Elders). In a former life, Dr. Brown was a middle school coach and taught health classes in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Brown lives with her husband, WB and twin five year old daughters in Southwest Georgia. Within the interview Dr. Brown will cover sexually inappropriate behaviors (SIB), and what are the three most common SIBs. She will also discuss how to recognize when your parent is acting out with SIBs, discussing the SIB with the parent’s physician and if they are in Long […]

Dr. Anna Corwin – Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Saint Mary’s College of California

Anna I. Corwin Ph.D.- Anna is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Saint Mary’s College of California. Trained in Linguistic and Medical Anthropology, Dr. Corwin’s work focuses on understanding how cultural practices and communication shape older individuals’ experiences of their lives, their bodies, and aging.  Much of Dr. Corwin’s research has examined how and why American Catholic nuns age more “successfully” than their lay counterparts, benefitting not only from physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.