Rita Anand – Memory Care Expert; Certified Activity Consultant; Assisted Living Manager; founder of Dementia Angels

Rita Anand – / Rita is a woman with a clear and intrinsic desire to help seniors and those caring for them. A passionate advocate with incredible respect for the elderly, Rita is on a personal mission to use her vast professional education, skills and connections to provide a comprehensive buffet of services that help seniors enjoy and find peace in the “golden years.” An Alzheimer’s and Dementia Trainer specializing in Memory Care, she is also a Certified Activity Consultant  & Educator and Certified Assisted Living Manager. She is a valued consultant to assisted-living and long-term care facilities,retirement communities and home and adult day care facilities. She is Founder and President of Beyond Golden Era, LLC, a company dedicated to educating caregivers and  healthcare professionals on how to effectively serve the elderly with dementia. Rita’s is founder of Dementia Angels, a premier information and services resource that personally aids and prepares clients for the varying physical, mental and emotional challenges inherent in the beginning, middle and end stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. She presents nationally at facilities, churches, senior centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and professional conferences. Rita continually reminds her audience members that there is a beautiful and multi-faceted life story inside each elderly person, and that taking the time to learn about a patient’s background can make a vital difference in the effectiveness of care. She also offers a bevy of print and online resources, as well as referrals to experts in fields seniors often need — including doctors, nurses, social workers, […]

John Baumann, NSA, JD, BBA – author Decide Success – You ain’t dead yet.; Speaker; Media Expert; World Parkinson’s Program Board

John Baumann – John’s mission statement is “what you have done matters, what you are doing matters more, but what matters the most is what you have left to do.” Mr. Baumann graduated from Cornell Law School, passed three state bar exams, worked for 28 years as an attorney, was on the faulty of the University of Louisville College of Business and was the Chair of the Kentucky Make-a-Wish Foundation. Following his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2002 at 41 years old, he committed to focus his energy (fatigue was one of his symptoms), on finding out what he could do to slow, if not cease, the progression of the disease, then how to summon the inner strength and self-discipline to do what he needed to do. Mr. Baumann has reinvented himself into a National Speaker Association presenter on how to have the best quality of life possible after an adverse life-changing event, how to become more successful at just about anything, and how to create a more positive and cooperative workplace cul- ture. Professor Baumann also wrote a book entitled, “Decide Success – You ain’t dead yet.” John has become is a life-coach for People with Parkinson’s, their care partners, and anyone else dealing with a significant life event. John has been on numerous radio shows, been the subject of dozens of articles, contributed to several other books and appeared on live TV, including CNN Headline News. John has presented at over 100 Symposiums across the United States and Canada […]

Debby Bitticks – Intergenerational Expert, Award Winning Author, Health and Caregiving Advocate , co-founder Digital Life Cloud

Debby Bitticks – As Founder and CEO of several companies, Debby has had extensive experience in the world of business and was presented with The Blue Chip Enterprise Award given by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. Debby started her early career as an Educational Therapist and then operated multi-site child care centers, developed elder day care programs, and created innovative intergenerational curriculum. Debby co-authored “The Elder Care Review: A guide for Quality Control,” and spoke at the annual meeting of The National Council on the Aging in Washington D.C. Debby has also co-authored the award-winning BioBinder™ series including “Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life,” “Time Efficiency Makeover,” and the “Senior Organizer.” She has also co-authored a book in the “Life Lessons” series with Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen: “Life Lessons for Busy Moms – 7 Essential Ingredients to Organize and Balance Your World.” Both “Time Efficiency Makeover” and “The Senior Organizer” have been published in paperback by Health Communications Inc. “Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life” was a sell-out on QVC.

Ken Bitticks – Co-founder Digital Life Cloud

Ken Bitticks – Ken has successfully taken three companies public, two of them technology businesses. Co-founder of EBIX, he is a leader in automation for property and casualty insurance agents and brokers. EBIX has a global footprint with over 4,000 clients, including 9 of the 10 largest international insurance brokerage firms, and over 190 of the top 200 independent insurance brokers in the U.S. EBIX today has a market cap of $1 Billion. Prior to starting EBIX, Ken was the founder and manager in charge of the Computer Applications Department Worldwide for one of the predecessor firms of Deloitte. Ken used his IT knowledge and his wife’s Debby’s intellectual property to put launch Digital Life Cloud, a secure platform where you can store your vital information and precious memories.

Cathy Bollinger
Managing Director of Embracing Aging York County Community Foundation

Cathy Bollinger – Cathy Bollinger leads York County (PA) Community Foundation’s long-term initiative, Embracing Aging, that focuses on culture change and how people experience aging in York County.  Embracing Aging’s goal is to create a community that is a safe, welcoming, appropriate, and adaptable place to age. In addition, Cathy develops and implements strategies to improve attitudes around aging so that we can understand and care about the needs and perspectives of all ages. She also provides strategic leadership and advocacy to help older people age in their community.  This includes leading Embracing Aging’s grant-making for enhancing and improving attitudes around aging, employment, volunteering, lifelong learning, arts and culture, isolation concerns, information and services, health and wellbeing, housing, transportation, and walkability. As managing director of Embracing Aging, Cathy is a monthly columnist for the York Sunday News, has presented at national aging conferences and as part of national webinars focused on building age-friendly communities, and has been featured on local radio shows, including Smart-Talk with Scott LaMar on WITF Radio. At the invitation of Chairman Collins and Ranking Member Casey, Cathy was one of four witnesses selected to present testimony at the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging in May 2017.

Dorothy Breininger – Dorothy the Organizer – Problem Solver on Hoarders; Featured on Today Show, Dr. Phil, Hallmark Channel and more…

Dorothy the Organizer –  “Dorothy The Organizer” is America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Known to millions as the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on the Emmy-nominated TV show on A&E, “Hoarders.” Dorothy is also the best-selling author of five books, including her latest, Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff. In addition to being featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and O Magazines, Dorothy appears regularly on the Today Show, the Dr. Phil Show, the VIEW, The Doctors, QVC and PBS. Dorothy lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Owner of three companies, Dorothy is the creator of the “Cancer Concierge” on-line video system which helps individuals conquer their clutter in a pleasing and fun way, as well as the most trusted cloud based system, “Digital Lifecloud,” and her own “DorothyTheOrganizer” Professional Organizing Services. Dorothy is a member and lecturer for the National Association of Professional Organizers (past national board member and past Los Angeles President) and Institute for Challenging Disorganization and is a highly sought-after international speaker who energizes and inspires her audiences to produce results and take immediate action. Dorothy is also a spokesperson, contributor and influencer for, Huffington Post,,,, and Microsoft.

Rima Bonario – Author, Workshop Leader, Soul Coach and Wild Heart Healer

Rima Bonario – Rima is an author, workshop leader, soul coach and wild heart healer. Her doctorate is in Transformational Psychology (Th.D.) and she has been working in personal development for close to 20 years. In the last five years, she’s been concentrating on working with women in mid-life – primarily because she’s a woman in mid-life! As she ventured into this new life stage, she experienced challenges she didn’t see coming. “I’d always been a vibrant, energetic and sensual person, but I found myself feeling so exhausted from building my business, caring for my daughter, my home, and trying to take care of myself – that being intimate with my beloved husband became just one more thing on my to-do list. I was so focussed on being a good mother and businesswoman, I was neglecting this other, very important, part of myself – which is one reason why I started on this journey to understand how to live more richly, more vibrantly, and more sensually as a woman in mid-life.” Rima helps put women back in touch with their passion – passion for life, passion for partners, passion for themselves.

Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown – Aging & Sexuality Expert; Gerontologist; Assistant Professor Albany State University

Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown –  Dr. Pamela Pitman Brown is a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist, a Fellow in the Academy of Gerontology in Higher Education. She is a Faculty Fellow and an Assistant Professor in Georgia at Albany State University. Dr. Brown is a frequent contributor/reviewer for academic journals and magazines on aging and sexuality issues. She is a graduate of Auburn University, the University of South Alabama, Miami University of Ohio, and holds a certificate in Sexuality Education from the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She has been a guest lecturer on sexuality education and aging at Baylor University Medical School and has taught “Aging & Sexuality” at Eastern Michigan University since 2012.  In 2012, Dr. Brown published a chapter in  J. Lange’s (Ed.) The Nurse’s Role in Promoting Optimal Health of Older Adults: Thriving in the Wisdom Years, with collegue Dr. Leeanne Clark Shirley, titled “Intimacy, Sexuality, & Aging.” The text was noted in the American Journal of Nursing 2012 Book of the Year Awards. She is a long time Education Ambassador for SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Elders). In a former life, Dr. Brown was a middle school coach and taught health classes in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Brown lives with her husband, WB and twin five year old daughters in Southwest Georgia. Within the interview Dr. Brown will cover sexually inappropriate behaviors (SIB), and what are the three most common SIBs. She will also discuss how to recognize when your parent is acting out with SIBs, discussing the SIB with the parent’s physician and if they are in Long […]

Tanya Brown – Nationally Recognized Author, Speaker and Life Coach

Tanya Brown – Tanya Brown is no stranger to adversity or trauma. With the loss of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, she has faced overwhelming life challenges but used these obstacles to ultimately improve the quality of her life. Tanya became a domestic violence advocate, doing speaking engagements and training that would inform people about the horror of abuse at home. Adding to her repertoire, ten years after the loss of Nicole, Tanya suffered a mental breakdown; and as a result, she has made a personal commitment to speak on the issues of how to overcome adversity and promote HEALTHY mental health for overall wellbeing. She encourages her audiences to find peace amid daily chaos and learn the tools for integrating self-care for a life of optimal wellness. She has become a nationally recognized author, speaker and life coach who uses the lessons from her experience with Nicole and her own suicide attempt to help others cope with life’s challenges. Tanya takes her life experience to audiences nationwide as a compelling motivational speaker and brings that experience to bear on her coaching practice. Her story makes it clear that you can overcome any adversity with the willingness to ask for help.

Gavin Caster – Presbyterian Senior Services Youth Services Manager

Gavin Caster – Originally from Syracuse, New York Gavin graduated from the University of Vermont with degree in Economics & Sociology. His previous work focused on organizing people and outreach for progressive causes in over a dozen different cities, from New Orleans to Kansas City to Philadelphia and finally in New York City. Gavin joined the PSS team in 2018.