Day 1 - You Might Be a Caregiver If….

We designed the Summit so that it starts before the caregiving journey and progresses onward from there.
Today we look at the strategies you need to age in place

It is critical to navigate our elder years with conscious intention. The positive aging movement has focused on processes of self-discovery and transformation to clear patterns that sabotage us. Caregiving provides an opportunity to review our lives and significant relationships from a standpoint of care and compassion. You will learn how to transform an experience of surviving into an experience of thriving.

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You will learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones while navigating caregiving and long-term care issues. Estate planning, ethical wills, power of attorney – these are but a few of the topics Wendy will cover.

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There are so many competing interests trying to tell us what to do with our money – from your 401(k) broker to the media to your brother-in-law Phil. Mike is decidedly agnostic and crafts solutions that combine multiple strategies for success. Everyone wants us to climb the savings mountain. But how do you get back down from the mountain, distributing your wealth to make it last? Mike will show you how.

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You know the kind – the fake IRS agent on the phone, the Nigerian sweepstakes winner. There are so many scams trying to deceive our seniors. We will cover the latest from one who should know – Bob Blancato – the National Coordinator of the bipartisan 3000-member Elder Justice Coalition.

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Even with advance directives and powers of attorney you may not be protected. Just ask Catherine Falk, daughter of Peter Falk (Columbo). She’ll cover a topic most of us are unfamiliar with –  Guardianship.

Why do people end up in a Guardianship when they have their power of attorney documents prepared long in advance? Catherine will explain that and the measures we must take to safeguard end of life care.

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Abuse takes on many forms. Self-neglect, physical and sexual, financial. Would you know the signs of abuse when visiting mom or dad? Learn what to look for and what to do should your loved one be the victim of abuse.

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Aging-in-place is a desire for many but do you really understand what is involved in aging in place with quality and in safety? Patrick will discuss what aging-in-place means, the design features that will have the greatest impact on remaining home, and much more.

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Rosemarie has a compelling story that propelled her advocacy and work around universal design. She will explain what that is and how you structurally need to modify your home to live in it safely.

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For older adults who have lived in their homes for 30 or 40 years, it’s more than just a move. Most older adults making this transition need to downsize considerably. The organizational and physical tasks — whether you are moving or simply downsizing — can be overwhelming! Senior Move Managers assist older adults and their families with both downsizing to remain at home, as well as the entire process of moving to a new residence. Senior Move Managers specialize in helping clients with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories, while offering effective, affordable solutions to reduce stress and enhance the overall transition experience!  Mary Kay will talk about this emerging profession and also how they can assist you in staying in your home longer.

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You’ve seen the celebrity endorsements for reverse mortgages. Probably the last people on earth who need them. Still advertising has compelled people to investigate these instruments. Mike will help us sort fact from fiction. He has no dog in the hunt, just straight advice for you to weigh your own decision.

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Aging-in-place is harder when you’re alone. What steps do you recommend individuals take to be prepared to age at home alone? What are some of the risks? What should local community support services know about your needs and how can they better serve you? Carol has it covered.

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Active Daily Living (ADL) is a online program that helps family caregivers dealing with the challenges of aging loved ones, in particular maintaining independence, maximizing health status, and safely aging-in-place. Dan will give you a guided tour.

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Day 2 - The Caregiving Journey

Welcome to our second day. Now that you prepared yourself to be a caregiver and maybe delayed it by helping mom and dad prepare for a better quality of life at home, it’s time to move on to a time when inevitably most of us will become caregivers.
From recognizing the first signs to family dynamics and the hard talks, we help you step into your journey with preparation and education.

Hey parents are wily devils. They can disguise things from their kids pretty well. Just like your kids try to get over you, so do your parents. In this session you will learn what to spot that shows mom or dad might need care and how to do it sooner. And MaryAnne will share her unique perspective of what it’s like to be an adult daughter caregiving for your aging loved ones.

Read more about our expert – MaryAnne Sterling

Families have been done in when it comes to caregiving, creating wounds that sometimes never heal. It can be a struggle to get siblings or adult children all on board the caregiving ship. Paula will cover the biggest family issues; the best ways to get family members to help more and criticize less; solving disagreements; and much more.

Read more about our expert – Paula Spencer Scott

Julie created the Joy Filled Visits Kit designed to help families maximize each visit whether their loved one is living at home or in a care home. The kit, filled with tips, personal stories, and the tools that she found most helpful as an Activity Professional, is designed to help families keep their loved one engaged, adapt their favorite activities, improve communication, and fill each visit with positive interaction and fun.


Read more about our expert – Julie Bigham

One of the hardest discussions you may face with an elder is taking away the car keys. But there are other discussions too. Like knowing when a move to a senior care home is necessary. Or filling out advance directives. Delicate topics all. So how do you navigate these conversations? Learn how in this session.

Read more about our expert – Suzette Binford

You’re on the left coast. Mom on the right. Now what? You can’t move. So how do you care from a distance? The support systems you need, the technology, the coordination can be overwhelming to handle. Amy will provide strategies to help you travel the caregiving miles in ease.

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The truth is that you may need some professional help on your caregiving journey. Tara will share the role of the Geriatric Care Manager and how they can help your loved one save money and much more.

Read more about our expert – Tara Bradley, MACP

Want to know about the most intriguing technology coming down the pike and how older adults will adapt and change to it? This is your session. Find out if and how senior living providers are keeping up to fill the needs of boomers and elders.

Read more about our expert – Laurie Orlov

What’s coming down the pike you ask in technology, services and products? Well we have just the expert who will tell us what we have to look forward to that will make our lives as caregivers less stressful while improving the quality of life for our loved one’s. Next Avenue named Mary one of its “2016 Influencers in Aging.”

Read more about our expert – Dr. Mary Furlong

A purposeful care partner is someone who determines the emotional state of the person who is being cared for and addressing their needs. To do that requires developing a certain mindset. And you have to do that while balancing your own needs. Not an easy thing to do but something you will learn how to do in this session.

Read more about our expert – Carol Bradley Bursack

Part of aging-in-place requires thinking about new housing arrangements. SilverNest is a unique roommate matching service that finds the best match for your needs. Considering home sharing? Consider this session.

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As seniors naturally started to congregate in urban areas such as Beacon Hill, a new concept in care emerged. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) are a phenomenon where seniors stay in place and the services they need spring up around them. We will explore this movement in our session and help you better understand options for aging in place in NORCs.

Read more about our expert – Ashley Maloy

Adult Day Care has been around for a long time. Still it is virtually unknown to many. In this session, we will explore what adult day care is, the benefits, how to choose and what to ask!

Read more about our expert –  Susan Susskind

Day 3 - Healthcare and Aging

Day 3 of the Summit takes a deep dive into the world of provider healthcare and the world of those caring for someone living with dementia.Learn about your options and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

The biggest growth sector in health care is non-medical home care. So many companies. So many options. How do you choose? Are there innovative models? You bet. Sherwin created one of them. He’ll tell you more.

Read more about our expert – Sherwin Sheik

Brooklyn HouseCall is the premier physician group visiting seniors at home throughout New York City. It was founded by Sam Lupin, MD, an accomplished and highly respected physician and a strong advocate for patients who have difficulty accessing primary care, specifically the homebound elderly. For his work, Housecalls for the Homebound, he received The Purpose Prize for Intergenerational Collaboration by The Eisner Foundation. His grandson will talk about their approach and what others can learn about bringing services into the home.

Read more about our expert – Daniel Stokar

Did you ever leave a physician’s office frustrated and confused? Are you afraid to ask for a second opinion? What sources can you trust on the web? Advocating for your health is hard work and when you are doing it on behalf of a loved one it’s even harder. Cheryl will make it a bit easier to navigate.

Read more about our expert – Cheryl A Scharoun

Dementia is widely misunderstood. Did you know that Alzheimer’s is just one form of dementia? With so much inaccurate information out there, we will take a deep dive into understanding dementia, signs to look for, prevention and treatment.

Read more about our expert – Dr. Daniel Nightingale

Living with dementia is tough. Robert should know. He lives with Lewy Body Dementia. And still he has thrived as an advocate in the industry. What is Lewy body dementia? And how did he overcome the initial diagnosis and depression. Find out more to help you or a loved one living with dementia.

Read more about our expert – Robert Bowles

Teepa is a rock star in the dementia world. Thousands flock to her education programs. She helps people move from what they think they know about dementia to greater awareness. In doing so we better understand why our loved ones living with dementia do what they do. Then she helps you build skill because, if you are going to make a difference, you’ve got to change. We’ll explore more with Teepa.

Read more about our expert – Teepa Snow

Shifting caregiving from crisis to comfort is Lori’s mission. She connects people to best practices and facilitates conversations for dementia care worldwide. Want to have your voice heard? Want to live in the present consciously caring? Lori will tell us how.

Read more about our expert – Lori La Bey

Attacking dementia is not just a medical issue but a societal issue and dementia friendly communities have an edge. We will talk with Nora about Dementia Friendly America and how communities are becoming friendlier places for caregivers and people with dementia. Find out how you and your community can get involved.

Read more about our expert – Nora Super

We often find that people once diagnosed with dementia are written off by society. The work of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) is to give an equal voice to those living with dementia in society and in policy making. DAA tools are helping people live well with dementia while advancing person-centered care in the culture.

Read more about our expert – Jackie Pinkowitz

Day 4 - Your Health as a Caregiver/ Caregiving in the Workplace

Host Anthony Cirillo’s sister predeceased his mom while serving as her caregiver. That happens more than you realize. So how can you take care of yourself in the caregiver journey so that you come out intact and whole? Those are the topics we will explore today.

Joan is caregiver to her 89-year-old mother. At first, she was resentful and angry. Then she went through a metamorphosis and now looks on her journey as one of opportunity and optimism. What can we learn from her caregiving experience? Tune in for this heartfelt interview.

Read more about our expert – Joan Braaten

Breeda is a comedic actor who is truly experiencing the sandwich generation and draws her materials from this experience. Through her unique lens, you will learn how to use humor as way of coping with the stress of caregiving.

Read more about our expert – Breeda Miller

Caregivers often find out who their true friends are when they start to become caregivers. Often, they become isolated. How do you cope with that while trying to develop a new network of friends? Where do you seek support? Connie will help us sort it out.

Read more about our expert – Connie Chow

Taking care of myself when there is absolutely no time to do it is hard. How can you get needed help in order to have some needed respite? Shelley will give you solid advice to help you battle fatigue and take better care of yourself.

Read more about our expert – Shelley Webb

One of the most noticeable traits our host Anthony has observed from seniors is gratitude.  Kristi, Executive Director of the Network for Grateful Living will help us distinguish between gratefulness and grateful living, how they differ from gratitude and how they can offer particular benefit for those who want to experience aging and caregiving in a positive way.

Read more about our expert – Kristi Nelson

The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act turns 50 this year. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 20,857 claims of age discrimination last year and found that 65 percent of older workers say age is a barrier to getting a job. What is ageism and why is it important to address it? What role does ageism play in attitudes about aging and why does it matter? What can individuals do to help dismantle ageism and embrace their aging? Tune in.

Read more about our expert – Cathy Bollinger

Coming out of the closet with your caregiving can have dangerous consequences, which have been well-documented in research. Don is Founder and Chairman of Logistics Health and was featured in the PBS Special “Caring for Mom and Dad” because of his company’s progressive culture and policies to family caregivers in the workplace. He will enlighten us and empower us to bring this culture shift to more workplace.

Read more about our expert – Don Weber

An incredible twenty-five percent of Millennials are family caregivers. Yes, you read that right. Michelle will talk to us about the challenges unique to millennial caregivers, how can we better support them while offering sound advice to cope as a millennial caregiver.

Read more about our expert – Michelle Seitzer

Grandparents are providing care – in terms of time and money – across a continuum that includes adult children, grandchildren and aging parents. And they do so at the risk of their own health and often their retirement savings – regardless of socioeconomic status. It’s pretty scary when you think about the pressure this will put on this generation to continue to generate income long into their 70’s. Many actuaries believe that government estimates of those who will rely solely on Social Security is grossly underestimated. Talk about a delicate balance! Lori will talk about the implications and what grandparents can do to take control and achieve balance.

Read more about our expert – Lori Bitter

Day 5 - Did We Miss Anything? Absolutely!

As we enter Day 5, the “acuity” level and the toughness of the subject matter escalates. As it becomes apparent that caregivers need to pass the baton on to professional caregivers, planning for long-term care needs and even planning for death and dying become necessary.
The sooner you address the issues the better. You don't want a crisis down the line. Let’s dive in.

Choosing assisted living or skilled nursing care is hard work. With more transparency, the information overload is, well, overwhelming. Walter will show us how we can make choosing less stressful.

Read more about our expert – Walter Coffey

Sure my Social Security will pay for long-term care, right? Wrong. Medicare? Maybe. Scott will help us sort out how you pay for care. Pay attention because you really want to think about this well before you ever need it.

Read more about our expert – Scott Morrison

The American Seniors Housing Association reports that senior bullying occurs in every independent living community; 10-20% of seniors have experienced some type of aggression. Those mean-girls who teased others about their hair, their clothing and more in elementary school didn’t change, they just got older. The bully boys who stole lunch money have found a new way to intimidate. It can be  middle school with wrinkles! How do you identify bullies in senior living and cope with them? And what should you ask of management in senior living to do. Dr.El will provide insight.

Read more about our expert – Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera

Kathy is an elder travel specialist and will cover what you need to know in order to travel safely with seniors, allowing everyone to have a good time and quality time with each other. Who know you may want to join Kathy and host Anthony on their Caregiver Smile Cruise after hearing what she has to say.

Read more about our expert – Kathy Shoaf

Gloria brings both science and music programs to nursing and assisted living homes around the Philadelphia area and is a sought-after national speaker who teaches other activity professionals new ideas to enhance the lives of residents. She will show us how to move beyond bingo to offer activities to older adults that are meaningful for their lives.

Read more about our expert – Gloria Hoffner

Social isolation of elders is a fact. One thing can relieve that isolation – technology. Des will discuss the challenges for seniors wanting to use social media, the different platforms, and the pitfalls and the opportunities that await.

Read more about our expert – Des Walsh

Spelling out your end of life wishes can be a hard conversation to have but it is a necessary one. What are Advance Directives and Medical POAs? What is Advance Care Planning? When should someone have the “conversation” and complete their Advance Directives? Find out when we talk to Jane!

Read more about our expert – M. Jane Markley

The Go Wish Game is a unique way to use playing cards to better understand what you really want at the end of life. Reverend Wildemuth will explain what they are, where to obtain them, and how to use them.

Read more about our expert – Reverend Larry Wildemuth

In the midst of the journey, we often do not think about what is next “after” caregiving. It is both liberating and frightening at the same time. How does one get to acceptance and how can health providers support caregivers in their next phase? Chris is the expert.

Read more about our expert – Chris MacLellan

Hospice is a misunderstood service and palliative care even more so. Yet hospice can be not just a medical service but a spiritual one as well. Larry will sort it out and put hospice in a new light and one you may want to consider when the time is right.

Read more about our expert – Larry Dawalt

Anthony has spent thousands of hours around seniors and has learned a lesson or eight about what we can learn from them to live a quality life. Most of the lessons come from seniors in nursing homes, which the general public typically associates with death and dying.

Read more about our expert – Anthony Cirillo